It is not uncommon in this part of the world for relatives to pressure men into taking second wives when the current wife is having problems getting pregnant. Understandably, they do this out of concern and desire to help the situation, but infidelity (adultery) never solves a problem; sin can never produce life, it leads to death.

The room for a second wife does not exist in the plan of God for any man; otherwise he would have made two or more Eves for Adam. Not even the excuse of childlessness should make any man take such a step. In creating the institution of marriage, God said “It is not good that man be alone, I will make a helper comparable to him” (Gen 2:18). The first and, most important reason for marriage is to provide through life; it goes beyond having children, though this is good and desirable.

When a couple get married and it seems that they are unable to readily have children, their families, friends and well-wishers in general begin to get worried and try to offer solutions, but unfortunately, their counsel is sometimes ungodly and morally wrong. The couple, both the husband and wife, must be able to sieve through this counsel and together, make their own decisions irrespective of anyone’s suggestion.

Rather than go for the kill by taking revenge, my advice to all women whose husbands have children outside wedlock is to let God take control of the situation. Aside from sitting down with such a man and discussing the issue, it is pertinent that one goes to God in prayer.

Christianity is proof of the awesome power in choosing to forgive and this power is available to every marriage when the couples choose to forgive each other.

It is often times difficult to forgive especially when the person who hurt you is the person who is supposed to be watching your back. This is why we all need God; because truly “to err is human, to forgive divine”. If someone has hurt and betrayed you and you are finding it hard to forgive or move on with your life, I advise you to seek God today. All the love, protection and care you desire, can be found in Him. He will heal your wounded heart and give you peace.

True Life Story

Morenikeji, a 42 year old woman who comes from a wealthy family got married to Dotun 12 years ago. But unfortunately the marriage was childless. Apart from coming from a wealthy home, Morenikeji also has a very good job, while Dotun is just a civil servant. About 8 years ago, Morenikeji decided to buy a land and informed Dotun about it. Dotun suggested that they should buy the land in the name of the child they hope to have one day. They agreed on a name and bought the land with the name, and Morenikeji built a very beautiful house on it. That was how Dotun encouraged Morenikeji to buy many other properties in the name of the unborn child. Dotun died in a car accident about three weeks ago, and Morenikeji got the shock of her life when a woman came for the burial with two (2) children that belongs to Dotun. The first child is almost 9 years old, and he bears the name Dotun gave Morenikeji’s unborn child. The same name which Dotun encouraged Morenikeji to buy all the properties. Dotun’s family are now trying to claim all the properties from Morenikeji. Friends, please what should she do? –

This is a true life story.

Please let me have your views on the above story and let people benefit from your contribution.

I welcome your opinion.

Enjoy your home

Folake Johnson (Mrs)

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